Virtual Prototyping

Don't just imagine your product, see it in 3D & Animated

When you've had a brilliant idea the first step is usually a sketch – the apocryphal ‘back of an envelope' design! If you don't have the technical skills you really need to see what it might look like for real. A 3D, fully detailed, mock-up of your product allows you to simulate the product's functions and anticipate interaction among its different components. An ideal, inexpensive way of showing your prospective customers the benefits your product can bring them.

Photo-realistic rendering
Photo-realistic rendering will give you a digital ‘photographic' representation (a true camera shot) of your product, using 3D CAD, before any physical example exists. You can even use these images in your sales literature before the physical product exists, putting your marketing in place before the first product rolls out of the factory.

A virtual prototyping step up from photo-realistic rendering is animation. This allows you to see how your product actually works and you can see it from every angle. E-Drawings. Is a free download: which allows you to rotate and section the 3D model we send you, making it ideal for demonstrating to your clients without having to take along special computing equipment – simply plug in the memory stick and you're started.