Industrial Design

Fabrications, Sheet metal, Test Rigs, Press Tooling, Jigs & Fixtures, Machined Parts, steel structures.

Aluminium casting, Sand casting, Gravity Die casting, Low pressure Die casting, High Pressure die casting.

Design and Development of Industrial Automation, special purpose machinery, bespoke and custom machinery.

Our special purpose machinery is designed so that it meets the client's specifications whilst being as simple as possible. In this way we produce factory, industrial and special purpose machinery, automation that is very cost effective and reliable.

By using SolidWorks we have the ability to manipulate automation assemblies to check for clashes manually, thus reducing the problems associated with producing bespoke products. We can also use the power of 3D CAD to animate a complete machine sequence to check everything is functioning as it should.

FEA and Stress Analysis is part of our design service, Multi Design can offer FEA or stress analysis through our other associate FEA teams.