Electronic Design

Our Engineers have been designing electronic circuits for more than 10 years for the most demanding applications spanning across the most diverse markets.

We have been designing circuit technologies ranging from microcontrollers, digital and analog to mixed signal, power and control.

We design PCBs ranging from single to multi-layer, from flexi-circuit to high-power/high-voltage.

Data acquisition and embedded systems.

We also re-engineer circuit boards to optimise design efficiency and manufacturing processes/costs.

PCB (Circuit board) design goes hand in hand with circuit design. We can design to meet the most stringent specifications

PCB Prototyping
We can build PCB prototypes of your design so your can test it in your product.

Rigorous testing is essential to make sure the final product meets all the necessary approvals; we can assist in gaing these approvals through our close involvement with various certified test houses.